Autonomous Cooperating Information Systems Project

Consistent and efficient interactions of autonomous cooperating information systems

Grant number


Project leader

Boris Novikov


2004 - 2006


The cooperation and interoperability of autonomous information systems attract attention of researchers for almost two decades in the contexts of multidatabases, heterogeneous distributed databases, and system integration. Several new issues of interoperability arise in peer-to-peer systems, grid computing, loosely connected systems and web-services.

In most cases the researchers and practioners concentrate their effort on high-level issues of semantic interoperability, paying no attention to the problems of consistency and efficiency. This results in loss of quality of service, insufficient reliability, and unreasonably poor response times.

This project deals with consistency issues for peer-to-peer systems and loosely connected systems. Another goal of this project is to develop and evaluate techniques for distributed indexing of semi-structured data and query processing and optimisation in above mentioned classes of distributed systems.

The methodologies for application system modelling and design for distributed environments will be also a target of this project.