Welcome to the home page of the Information Management Research Group at the University of St.Petersburg!

The sub-department of analytical information systems of the Saint Petersburg university has been created on Jan. 24, 2013. The scope of research and teaching areas covered by this department is close to that of information management research group. As most of active members of the group joined the sub-department, the significant part of our activities also has been moved.

Congratulations for winners of the SIGMOD 2010 Programming Contest Distributed Query Engine: Kirill Smirnov (certificate) & George Chernishev (certificate), they have took third place. See here for more details.

Our group presentation (11 February 2010 | In Russian)

Our group consists of persons involved into and/or interested in the research in the area of databases and information systems. In most cases this research is conducted under guidance or supervision of prof. Boris Novikov (although this is not a mandatory requirement). The participation in the group activities is not limited by any organisational, geographical, national, ethnic boundaries.

Our group is not included into any formal organisational structure, but, for historical reasons, uses the Operations Research laboratory as a home base. The Operations Research Lab is a structural unit of the Research Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the University of Saint Petersburg.

The group entered the database research area in 1987 and has a long research history under the lead of professor Dr. Boris Novikov.

Our research interests span over database and related areas. Our recent topics include indexing for advanced data types (spatial, text, XML, temporal), storage structures, query processing and optimisation, concurrency control for real-time and distributed mobile systems, collaborative activities, information system modelling.

As a result of our research projects members of the our team published a number of papers and produced several PhD theses.

We are very interested in your comments in general and proposal for co-operation in particular. Please mail to our mail-list.