SPbU IM Group Mailing list

What is it?

Mailing list is the place for group-related anounces and discussions. If you have info which can be useful to group members (somebody or anybody), please, post it into the list. Our list will help you be informed about group events (especially about reports on group seminar).


Working languages of the list are English and Russian. Though most of messages are in russian, please, feel free to post messages in english - the discussion will be continued in english.

How to subscribe

Go to http://groups.google.ru/group/im-group-spbgu?hl=ru.

Please, pay attention

It is possible to send messages to the list using subscribed email only, messages from unsubscribed emails will be blocked.

Some rules

  • be polite
  • spam is NOT welcomed
  • russian messages should be in koi8
  • main point of a message should NOT be in an attachment.